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China DuckI Base On Dongfeng EQ2102



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China duck I

I is the first version of the large scale amphibious vehicle launched by the studio in 2007.

The car uses Dongfeng off-road military site EQ2102 modification, while retaining the original car land properties on the design of the new stainless steel waterproof shell, increased water drive propeller, rudder control plane, the cab also increased the corresponding control system. In the process of modification, both the successful experience of the early modification of small cars, but also to solve the previous modification of small amphibious vehicles do not have technical problems.

By optimizing the design of the car body shell and core configuration, mature and widely used commercial truck control technology, Chinese duck I based on keeping the original car land properties, with reliable residual buoyancy, water floating attitude stabilization propulsion system conversion convenient, reliable manipulation of natural technology. Water entry is smooth. Can be applied to military, disaster relief, exploration and other professional fields.

The main performance of Chinese duck I is as follows

1 highway maximum load: 5 tons
2 maximum road speed: 90km
3 maximum load on water: 5 tons
4 maximum water speed: 15km
5 vehicle quality: 9500 kg
6 vehicle dimensions: 10670 x 2600 x 3040 (mm)
7 maximum angle of approach (30)
8 maximum departure angle 30 (degrees)

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