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Export Mexico custom large 40 tourist amphibious vehicles



JMC Amphibious Jeep

Platypus Amphibious Jeep

Baiyun Amphibious Jeep

JMC Amphibious Pickup

Chinese DUCK II based on the requirements of Mexico customers modified version of forty new tourist water conservancy dual-use vehicles.

The main performance is as follows:

1 highway maximum load: 5 tons

2 highway maximum speed: 90km

3 maximum load on water: 5 tons

4 maximum water speed: 15km

5 vehicle quality: 9500 kg

6 vehicle dimensions: 10500 x 2500 x 3300 (mm)

7 maximum approach angle: 25 (degree)

8 maximum departure angle: 30 (degree) The

9 largest passenger seat number: 40

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