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Chinese DUCK II amphibious vehicle



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brief introduction

On the basis of the 2007 edition, the studio in seven years after the launch of the 2014 edition of large amphibious vehicles - Chinese duck II.

Compared with the 2007 edition, Chinese duck II has the following improvements and upgrades .

One,water speed greatly increased Due to the use of new water propulsion system design and the new design of low resistance ship, in the same engine case, the maximum speed of Chinese duck II water increased by 25% compared with 2007 edition, has more than 15km/ hours.

Two, higher reliability By simplifying the structure and reducing components, and widely used mature commercial truck control technology, Chinese duck II technical reliability and handling reliability have been greatly improved.

Three, applicability broader China duck II changed the 2007 edition of the military heroes, the tourism tops and interiors, and the use of painting the duck, can be installed up to 30 seats, you can still as traditional relief and amphibious transport but also for water tourism add new project.

The main performance of Chinese duck II is as follows

1 highway maximum load: 5 tons

2 highway maximum speed: 90km

3 maximum load on water: 5 tons

4 maximum water speed: 15km

5 vehicle quality: 9500 kg

6 vehicle dimensions: 10500 x 2500 x 3300 (mm)

7 maximum approach angle 25 (degree)

8 maximum departure angle 30 (degree) The

9 largest passenger seat number: 36

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