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Baiyun Amphibious Jeep

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Baiyun Amphibious Jeep
BY5020TSL Amphibious Vehicle is a new product built on the chassis of Beijing2020S Jeep. It adds water travel function to the original jeep's land travel function so as to become a new means of communication that can not only climb mountains but also cross rivers, filling a gap in the country's auto industry.
BY5020TSL Amphibious Vehicle is simple in structure, easy to drive, convenient to operate, excellent in functions. Its highest speed is 105km/h on land and 12km/h on water.
BY5020TSL Amphibious Vehicle is of low price,safe functions, good flexibility, and vast adaptability. Besides being suitable for the army, military police, and public security troops, it can also be applied to such trades as water conservancy, flood prevention,environment protection, electric power, tourism,oil, etc. It is an ideal and multi-purpose modern means of communication.
BY5020TSL Amphibious vehicle

Type       BY5020TSL
Long(mm) 4820
Width(mm)       1890
High(mm)  1949
Wheel Space (mm)   2300
Track (front)(mm)       1520
Track(rear)(mm)   1500
Max. Angles of Approach/Departure     30/20
Max. Laden Mass/Persons     On Land:425kg/5persons

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