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Amphibious Vehicle (China) Design Studio



JMC Amphibious Jeep

Platypus Amphibious Jeep

Baiyun Amphibious Je

We are amphibian guys - professional amphibious vehicle designer and builder.

Now we have four models of Amphibious Vehicle.
jmc Amphibious pickup;
JMC Amphibious Jeep;
Platypus Amphibious Jeep;
Baiyun Amphibious Jeep;

We are particularly knowledgeable and good at converting normal off-road vehicles into their amphibious versions. We designed and built 4 models of amphibians that you can see from our web site in past 10 years. A series of key technologies for amphibious converting such as driving shaft and suspension section sealing, engine heat releasing etc have been developed accordingly during this period.

The amphibians converted by our technologies can remain car’s original land driving performance and comfort such as air condition, power windows etc, with additional fun of driving in water. We have had successful experiences in design and build water sealing mechanism for independent and non-independent suspension vehicles. We designed amphibians with turbo charge diesel engine can be driving to a speed of over 80km/hour in 40 degree summer with air-conditioning driver’s cabinet, but needn’t worry about engine overheat.

The professional designed and built engine power switch transfer case not only makes no disturb to car’s original transmission system, but also allows the amphibian from land-driving going to in-water driving condition just by simplest moves.

The maximum speed in water of our latest two-propeller model has reached 11.2km/hour by a 68kw turbo charge diesel engine.

Based on all those successful experiences, we would like to cooperate with amphibian fans, special vehicle industry, car dealers, and military as well as disaster rescue organizations to provide amphibian design and production services, which could be base on M35 truck, Unimog truck and other famous off-road chassis around the world.
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